About Grand Kafa

Coffee is a daily ritual and inevitable part of our socializing, which is only confirmed by the phrase "let's go for coffee", representing an invitation to hang out and spend some leisure time with someone dear and close to us.

With great enthusiasm, dedication and love for coffee, the first private brand of black coffee in Serbia – Grand kafa – has been produced in the nineteens, promptly finding its way to the hearts of consumers.

Within a few years, thanks to the excellent, constant quality and its uniqueness, Grand kafa gained the trust of millions of coffee lovers and became the leading brand in the region. By its supremacy, it holds the leading position in the coffee market in Serbia, BuH and Macedonia. The secret of the perfect cup of Grand kafa coffee rests in the affection, expertise and commitment towards each single grain, in distinctive smell, recognizable taste and consumers' confidence. All this said is best confirmed by the fact that in more than 2 million homes in the region, day begins with Grand kafa.

Grand kafa is part of the Atlantic Group, a multinational company that combines production, development, sale and distribution of consumer goods in its business activities, and is represented in the markets of more than 30 countries around the world. Dynamic business system, rich portfolio of regional brands and strongly developed self-distribution, show Atlantic Group and Grand kafa as a respectable part of a successful team of the Strategic business area of Coffees.

By constant improving of technology and careful listening of the market needs, for years Grand kafa makes products placed at the very top. A great team of experts constantly works on new, more up-to-date and more attractive products, quality testing, daily control and improvements of the original recipe.

Today, Grand kafa portfolio is comprised of segments of traditional and instant coffee, with authentic brands carefully created for different users’ structures and needs.

In the section of traditional coffee brands, Grand kafa is represented by the following brands: Grand kafa Gold, Grand Aroma and Grand DeLuxe.

Grand kafa Gold is made according to the special recipe and is aimed for the people who enjoy the traditional flavor of strong domestic coffee with rich foam. Grand Aroma has emerged as a modern response to consumers’ desires for more sophisticated and more urban concept of enjoying black coffee. Grand DeLuxe is a premium product of superior quality in the market, designed for true connoisseurs and coffee lovers.

Modern, fast pace of life brings new needs, demands and habits. Catering to those needs, Grand kafa made products tailored to modern lifestyles and new consumer requirements. Combination of tradition, experience, knowledge and love for coffee, created the ideal combination – Grand kafa instant. Modern, innovative, wide range of instant coffee products is what all generations need, at any occasion, for every mood and for everyone's soul!

Gained trust of customers is the result of constant fulfillment of given promises and fostering of real family values. Keyword for gaining customers loyalty for Grand kafa is respect. Due to that very fact, Grand kafa is constantly expanding and today is a synonym for success, highest product quality, modern business and perceptive approach to both market and customers.

As a leader, on one hand, Grand kafa has an obligation and a pleasure to constantly offer new products and new flavors to its customers and on the other hand also to motivate them to embrace new habits.

By respecting the consumer wishes and offering them more than the taste, Grand kafa has developed a unique concept of coffee enjoyment - always the best quality, rich variety of products, distinctive aroma, superb aesthetic pleasure, innovation and availability at any time and any place. The concept of enjoyment is communicated through simple corporate slogan, which clearly expresses that it is the sovereign ruler of the coffee market in the region: Both smell and taste - Grand kafa!

Unique ritual of enjoying the traditional coffee is timeless because it grants a good smell and taste to our lives. The secret of the perfect Grand kafa cup of coffee is in the attention, expertise and commitment with which we treat each grain, in distinctive smell, taste and consumers' confidence.

Grand kafa has developed a unique concept of coffee enjoyment: the best quality at all times, rich variety of products, distinctive aroma, excellent smell and taste, innovation and accessibility at any time.