A true woman's story

Prava Zenska Prica

These days the Grand Aroma came into town completely different.

The Grad Aroma coffee celebrates the distinctness of its consumers with the altered characters on the packages and the following message: "We are not all the same and that is exactly what makes us perfect. Being yourself and authentic despite all the challenges of the outer world is a road that leads to the right decisions which then guide our life in the desired direction”.

Which are, in fact, the moments for Aroma coffee? Is it any moment during the day? Our impression is that they are as the grains of this aromatic cup of peace – daily, but selected. They usually arrive with sentences such as: "And now I am going to have a coffee” with the meaning "I want a break, time out” or "Now I am having coffee” with the meaning "This is my time, no one is to disturb me”. The ritual itself of drinking coffee discharges peace and summarizes the impressions and is an equally cosy social, as well as "alone with yourself” event. Those moments in which a woman does not give up on herself, in which she returns to herself are the most precious for her life.

That is why the messages of this campaign followed and emphasized by the new packages are different and in the spirit of a woman’s "mantra” that supports every moment in which we firstly insist on being strong but also on having the right to our own moments of weakness. This all does not make us less a perfect woman. The conversation as such, having both a meaning of chatting, conversation and of a circled narrative whole is primarily a woman’s weapon to survive the speediness of the 21st century. That is why the Aroma coffee is for a conversation, for a true female’s chat, for conclusions, decision making, but also for summarizing. For those magic women who stop occasionally to estimate the current position and come up with a further strategy, the aim is always the same – to concur the world with talent, capability and smile (regardless the age).