Grand Black'n'Easy – A new generation coffee

Black N Easy Kampanja

Creative people from Idea Plus marketing agency and Grand Coffee strategic team passed in the previous period very challenging process of making a campaign for a new,revolutionary product Black'n'Easy.The television campaign has been created with a message to present Turkish coffee the way it suits urban,young and active people.«Real Turkish coffee« -the sentence said by one of the consumers,is the confirmation that we made a revolutionary product,a new coffee category on the market,just what we all missed- perfect taste of Turkish coffee and only a minute for it to be prepared!Coffee enjoyment hasn't been missed,it has been made to meet the needs of young people,their lifestyle and their concept of time!

The message that a new generation coffee has arrived on the market,the first Turkish coffee which is quickly and easily prepared, has been placed through all the chanelles of communication which are known to young generation.

That's why Black'n'Easy campaign is immediately noticed on billboards,at bus stops and also in the magazines that are read by old and new generations; on promotions and at sales points it has been  distributed more than 200,000 samples of Black'n' Easy coffee.

It is true that young people are in focus of the campaigne but this coffee is also loved by  people who are returning to good,old Turkish coffee enjoyment because they can prepare it in a minute now.

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