Coffee for the neighbours, because no one is closer than a neighbour


Gratis package of Grand Gold coffee

There are ceratin moments that can happen only over a neighbour's coffee, such as surprises, culinary business, life recepies and hearing the first important news.

As good neighbours we want to award our loyal consumers and all neighbours throuout Serbia, therefore we have designed the original »neighbours« packaging containing 20% more coffee, to always have an additional cup for the shared treat. 

In the honour of cosy socializing, Grand Coffee Gold has a special neighbourly packaging of 240g at the price of 200g, while the packaging of 600 g is at the price of half a kilogram, and that is 100g more for the neighbours.

Because having a coffee with the best neighbour is not only drinking the coffee out of a cup, but enjoying it along with a converstaion full of smiles, along with making plans together, but also all sorts of food delights.

The new neighbour's gratis packaging, more coffee for good neighbours, because no one is closer than a neighbour.

That is why a neighbour is a special person, supports when we mostly need it and is the best company for having coffee and a good conversation.